All Together Now

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The lovely A&E contacted us, their hand poised above the contract on a new project home, with a challenge. On their typically flat and rectangular piece of land in Melbourne they wanted to make a place for them, their children, and their parents to all live well. They wanted to do so in a radically efficient manner, both fiscally and environmentally.


We said we love a challenge.


That was a big risk for them to take. If they had signed the contract and they would be comfortably living in a new house by now. Instead they decided that they could not raise their kids in the kind of uninspired spaces which would result. We have so much admiration for that decision.


The house is now under construction. The skeleton form standing against some big winter skies. We visit regularly and speak with them and the builders about how things will come together appropriately.


We look forward to showing you more and explaining the project.


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