Architects of Ambition

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We were asked to co-curate an issue of the Architecture Bulletin by friend Amelia Holliday. Together we used the opportunity to test a shared hunch. Being that there has been a gradual widening over the last 20 years in the role in which architects engage with society.


We sought out, interviewed and profiled a wonderful diversity of young practioners who, via example, have defined what we saw to be future directions for architecture.


From the more common small practice model, which might grow with the gaining of expertise, we saw those who have engaged immediately with leading a large practice, to those who craft the built environment via writing, or the curating of exhibitions and events. We found those who excelled in advocacy and making design excellence accessible and understandable to the public. Along with those who facilitate design excellence not in the traditional manner of the designer but by taking all of those enviable skills to the other side of the table and acting as organiser and advisor, in the role of the client. And finally we found those who have come full circle and practice through the act of making, be that full size, or at the extremities of architectural production.



panovscott - Architects of Ambition.

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