Art Shed

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T & C are the most fantastic clients. They found us early and we have been working together for a while. Their trust is knowing. We have tried to live up to it. We have made with and for them a place to make and a place to exhibit. As such it has been our first gallery space, with all of the attendant specificities this requires. For the making and viewing of photographic images (C) and sculpture (T), the result is a space of utmost utility; the many design iterations bringing us closer to the essential. We call it the art shed.


On a long block deep in the inner west of Sydney we have made a special little backyard building. Lovingly crafted by some very good builders, it evokes our shared tradition of sheds as places of domestic innovation. Lurking at the end of the garden, its camouflage will patina to grey, now robust red like so many of its utilitarian walkup neighbours.


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