House APF

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Radically narrow, the existing terrace is only a touch over 3.6 metres in width at its widest point. Asked how we might make the place better, we took a deep breath and suggested halving that width again to make an internal space and an external space side by side. Over time the logic of the decision gained momentum, first with us, and then our fantastic client, and finally, more slowly, with Council.


5 windows open up and away with counterweights concealed. The ground floor garden allows light, air and private open space into the length of the plan. The kitchen and dining spaces will be like living in the garden during the warmer months (which, when facing north and protected from the southerly here in Sydney, is most of them). The bathing room will be quite special.


Above it all will be another garden, more in the light than the other, and with a seat to read, or be, whilst P tends the tomatoes and other yummy things growing on the roof.



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