House KJ

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We’ve been working away quietly with K & J for over a year now. A slow gestation for a very exciting transformation of their home in Sydney’s inner west. Our immediate context being that of the home, a grand old lady she is, and the most structurally magnificent jacaranda we have ever seen (and we’ve seen a few). Apparently approaching 100 years in age and with its own poem passed on over the years from owner to owner we feel great responsibility in determining the nature of our intervention.


That said we have assembled a magnificent team around us and our clients, Damian Hadley and John Caley, our trusted engineers, and our similarly trusted builders, Scott and Eris. We broke ground last month and are looking forward to the gradual assembly of a structure which we hope will be both strong and fragile, a fitting companion to the Jac for the years ahead.


Thereafter the prospect of turning over the armature to the indomitable K & J to see what they will make of it is greatly exciting.


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