House MK

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Finally practically complete. A huge relief and now the slow process of inhabitation begins with furnishing and unpacking and more slowly, the establishment of a garden. A place of external habitation, to act as vista from within, and of production, spring harvest. Thankfully JMD Design are helping bring these threads together and we are looking forward to what will become.


In that time, the house transformation will age also, the timbers settling to match the weathered brick of the existing house, where tile meets tile, metal, metal, in a manner of tucked seams. The wonderful cantilever windows bays of the 1920’s bungalow have been reinterpreted, a kind of play in elevational figure and ground, allowing us to make new spaces, alcoves poised between inside and out, enabled via clever structural solutions developed in collaboration with Cantilever Consulting Engineers.


Our work in the place becomes less for the time being, we’ll see a character emerge and document its nature in due course.


panovscott - House MK.

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