House VM

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We couldn’t quite believe it (still can’t actually) when our clients took us to their place in the Blue Mountains. Over soup (love that word) in their shack atop the scarp, they explained the land, the plants, the movement of water and the cycle of fire which has burnt the place through three times in their stewardship. They asked us to help make a place there. Snug enough to fit them and their objects, but also loose enough to accommodate a different use once they are gone. A structure robust enough to have the front roar up the western gully and over, but also lithe, able to catch breeze in summer and a thrilling proximity in winter.


We have been thinking about iron rich soil, Palladio fading, the four directions of Fehn, as many or more seasons, the sacred and profane. How to find a form in a place, which is not of, but against, and so reflecting makes each exist more intently.


Together we have made something. We will offer it to council for assessment soon and later in the year plan to break ground.

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