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Earlier this year our state minister for education, Rob Stokes, announced a massive infrastructure plan aimed at the development of new schools under a new model. He said the plan:

…anticipates increased adoption of joint and shared use of school and community facilities as “part of the changing mindset in building the schools of the future”. “It means schools can get facilities they otherwise wouldn’t have; it means the community has access to facilities outside of school hours,” he said. “The old ’60s model of buy a block of land, plonk a school in the middle of it and gate it off from the rest of the community, that’s not going to work any more,” he said.


Revealed: the $5b plan to tackle overcrowding crisis in NSW schools

Sydney Morning Herald, April 27 2017, Sean Nicholls


This Graduation Urban Studio will explore the developing model of the school building within the urban environment, specifically with the area around Fitzroy Gardens, at the edge of Kings Cross and Elizabeth Bay.


We will adopt Richard Sennett’s notion of social dissonance as defined in his forthcoming book, Open City, to explore the architectural possibilities of integrating new functions within and around existing places and buildings, in a dense and exciting part of our city.


Those propositions will be based on close observation of the existing urban condition via the development of a precise and evocative drawing, utilizing both digital and analogue methods. We will follow Manuel de Sola-Morales dictum; To draw is to select, to select is to interpret and to interpret is to propose.


Emerging and disruptive economic models such as that utilised by Uber and Airbnb will be explored as a manner for organising the kind of fluctuating brief inherent within the school typology.


We will find an architecture of transformation. A term which gives weight not only to that which has come before, but also that which will exist beyond the moment of architectural intervention.



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